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Quick Q & A:

What is the key benefit of referring others to FYSBuilder.com?

The key benefit of referring or inviting others to your FYSBuilder.com System is the fact that your referrals will follow you into all the programs we will be including in our portfolio. Some of the programs will be paying Direct Referral Bonuses while others will be paying Referral Bonuses on all personal referrals.

But there is more…

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FundYourSuccess Pay Plan

If you have ever wanted to experience the benefits of an amazingly innovative compensation plan that can work for everyone, you have just found it.

This quick-fill 4x1 matrix board is designed to provide a BOOST, not only in generating income quickly but also to help move you into the different Phases. We have completely automated the whole process of advancement to higher levels and higher payouts.

NO manual member-to-member payments - ALL AUTOMATED

NO monthly cost - just a one time $100 (around 0.015553 BTC)

NO limit to the amount of positions you may purchase



Graphic of Phase 1 and 2



When all FOUR positions below you are filled on Level 1, your position will generate $400.
$375 will be used to enter you automatically into Phase-2 and $25 will be yours to keep.


When all FOUR positions below you each have FOUR positions filled below them, your position will generate a total of $1500. At that time $400 will be uses to enter you automatically into Phase-3, and $100 will be used to Re-enter Phase-1. $1000 will be yours to keep. You earned a total of $1025. Each re-entry keeps you earning $1025, in a perpetual loop, plus advancing another position into Phase 3.



Graphic of Phase 3



As you can see below, by far the most unique feature of the Pay Plan is Phase 3 and the fact that you will be able to earn commissions on a Pay Per Member based. This means that you will not have to wait until you cycle or fill up a level to earn commissions.

The Matrix will be paying you as NEW POSITIONS ENTER PHASE-3 - for example - Terri, who I sponsored enters Phase-3 and she falls on my 1st LEVEL I will immediate earn $20, then her personal referral Mary falls on my 2nd LEVEL and I earn another $20 commission and I didn't have to wait until the level or matrix was filled up or cycle.

when you enter Phase-3 under your sponsor, you will earn matrix commissions through your own efforts or from spillover from your Upline or both and you will earn as showing below.


Create UNLIMITED Entry Positions = UNLIMITED Income + 100% Matching Bonus!

The 100% Matching Bonus is a very strong incentive that encourages our members to put some effort into referring and helping others grow and earn income. As a qualified FYS Affiliate you will receive 100% Match Bonuses on personal referrals members Matrix earnings.

Let's take a look at some examples based on 100% Matching Bonus Payout: Let's say you refer Terri and John. Besides your own Phase-3 Matrix earnings you would earn 100% of whatever they earn on their 4x3 matrix!

Your referral Terri who earns $100 commission on her matrix - you will earn $100 match Commissions. Your second referral, John, earns $2,000 on his 4x3 Phase-3 matrix - you earn another 100% match all those earnings - $2,000 in Match Commissions. Imagine having 5, 10 or more personal referrals plus any other additional matrix positions you may purchase.

The fact that you are allowed any number of Income Centers you wish to create...This means that the Pay Plan Matrix will be growing not only through new Members joining FYS but also - and mainly - through the number of New Income Centers being added by Members choose to create to maximize the Income Opportunity.

Each Personal Referral Has a Potential to Earn You $10,000 Matching Bonus Over & Over!


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