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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs
Q: What is the difference between FYSBuilder and FUNDYOURSUCCESS?
A: FUNDYOURSUCCESS (FYS) is our main income platform. The entry fee is $100. Since for many of our potential Members this may be more than they can afford, we decided to create a way for people to be able to get started for a much lower cost. This led to FYSBuilder, a 'feeder' program at only $12.50 to start. Through the power of Leverage, anyone can now be able to not only generate the funds needed to upgrade to FYS, but also benefit financially from FYSBuilder which is an excellent income stream.
One point we would like to put forth is that you can use your extra earnings to pay-it-forward for others who will reciprocate and do the same. With motivated people, this can be a way to accelerate growth. What if everyone pays-it-forward for 4 people? Wouldn't it make sense to put in $50 to earn $250 over and over again? Or you could start with $25 for 2 people, then add another 2 later. This is a great investment that includes a Matching Bonus, and will transition you into FYS as well as Turbo LT. For those already in those programs, your $250 is all yours to keep.
Q: Is the Start-up Cost, $12.50, a one-time out-of-pocket expense?
A: YES, it is. After you complete Phase 1 (2 x 1) Matrix and also Phase 2 (4 x 2) Matrix, all Re-entry Positions earned by you will be fully paid for from referral fees earned.
Q: Do I need to refer (sponsor) others in order to earn commissions?
A: It's in your best interest to refer others for several important reasons. (1) This is a community dedicated to building a solid team for each and every member. (2) There are Matching Bonuses to be earned from personal referrals. (3) In the early stages of a program growth of membership is essential. (4) With such a low-cost/high return program such as FYSBuilder, there are a lot of people we know and care about who are in need of what you have to offer. (5) You can't reasonably expect a program to grow and provide a stream of income with people not doing their part to build membership. 
If everyone makes a minimum of 2 referrals, the system works as it's designed to. Going for 4 referrals is even better because growth will be accelerated, referral fees will be increased, and we'll all see exponential growth. Consider that a one-time $12.50 which provides a feeder system, substantial earnings potential, access to business services, and entry into additional income streams makes this a "slam-dunk no brainer! 
Q: How do I earn the $250 over and over?
A: The full total of $250 is earned with a completed 4 x 2 in Phase 2. With that you earn DOUBLE re-entries into both Phase 1 - 2 x 1 and also Phase 2 - 4 x 2. There is no limit to how many times this can happen and each re-entry represents a potential $250 in referral fees.
FYSBuilder is truly a perpetual "Income Generating Machine" with UNLIMITED earning potential!
Q: Can I receive spillover?
A: Yes. If you receive spillover which qualifies someone in your downline, you will receive earnings depending on which Phase they're in. However, their sponsor will receive the Matching Bonus. You can also create spillover for people in your Downline! Just think of the excitement with everyone referring 4 or more people to benefit from this system and this community!
Q: Will every member that I have introduced to FYSBuilder still remain my referral in FundYourSuccess?
A: Maybe some will and others may not. This is because FundYourSuccess is based on a "team build" process. People enter after being placed on a spreadsheet in sequential order. Then they are placed into the matrix in the first available open position until there are 4 placements for a particular member. The benefit is that the logistics in terms of placements, instructions, support, etc., all get handled for you. 
Members of FYSBuilder are very much encouraged to refer people directly to their link in this system. As their referrals grow and earn, this will create a flow of new members entering FYSBuilder, providing a second stream of referral fees which also will be repetitive with UNLIMITED earning potential! This is all about thinking BIG! Also, you'll love the Matching Bonuses!
Q: Out of my first referral fees earned, $100 upgrades me into my FUNDYOURSUCCESS Membership. Does this happen every time a re-entry position earns at least $100?
A. No, the Upgrade to FYS for $100 happens only once. All other times you receive and keep $250 over and over from all your Positions. 
Q: What kind of business building support do you provide to the Members?
A: Great question. In the effort to build a strong and dynamic Network that helps every Member earn referral fees, SUPPORT is very crucial and for us it is key to our overall goal to be a blessing to others.
First and foremost, we provide you with our "Feeder Platform", FYSBuider, which is a $12.50 Success Formula. Not only that...we provide unrelenting Follow Up with those you have referred to help them see the big picture and turn them into upgraded and dynamic members ready to help you build your network and income.
Secondly, we have presentation calls Monday through Friday that every member can have access to. These calls are a very powerful way to provide information to your Prospects. It will be clear how the organizers are engaged and involved in your effort to grow your income. More tools are on the way!
And...remember it all starts with a ONE TIME $12.50!