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You Get Paid Faster Than Ever!

FYSBuilder.com compensation plan is designed to reward participating members as QUICKLY as possible and to generate growing commissions without requiring too much effort.

Most distributors who have struggled over many years are now looking for simple, clear and fast ways to earn income.

You will not find a better plan to reward your efforts than the FYSBuilder.com Pay Plan that exponentially grows your income over time.

This is your opportunity to earn a virtually unlimited income.



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FYSbuilder Pay Plan

FUNDYOURSUCCESS is the Primary Income Opportunity for which we have developed the FYSBuilder 'feeder' to help as many members as we can to afford to participate in an amazing income opportunity.

When you join and make a Product Package purchase (only $12.50 - ONE TIME out-of-pocket cost) you will be designated as an Affiliate. That creates a personal 'Income Center' or 'Leader Position' under which you will start growing an income as others (referred by you or by those above you - your upline partners) make their own Package Product purchases and join your team.

FYSBuilder ISN'T JUST A CYCLER. Unlike most other Pay Plans that only pay commissions once the whole Matrix is completed, FYSBuilder pays as you grow. That means when new members enter and make a Product purchase, the referral fees are posted immediately. You won't have to wait for the full Level or Matrix to be filled.

You will see very clearly...

1 - How you will be earning up to $250 over and over in FYSBuilder, plus Matching Bonuses, plus receive new positions each time you cycle through the 2 Phases of the matrix.
2 - How you will be earning up to $10,000 over and over in FundYourSuccess, plus amazing Matching Bonuses, plus receive new positions each time you cycle through the 2 levels of Phase 1 of the matrix.
3 - How these programs work seamlessly, provide referral fee income and team building features which all amount to an unlimited flow of income!

2x1 Fund-TURBO Board
Level # Of Members  Earning Total
1 2 $25.00 $25.00
- Earn $5.00 Commission Bonus
- ENTER PHASE 2 (Value of $20)
4x2 Fund-BOOSTER Board
Level # Of Positions  Earning Total
1 4 $2.50 $10.00
2 16 $15.00 $240.00
- Earn $25 Matching Bonus
- Earn 2 New Matrix Positions PHASE 1
  • A Position is defined by a member with 2 referred members, which completes Phase 1.
  • Your first $100 In Commissions upgrades your FYS Account (See details in FundYourSuccess page).
  • You have 2 New Re-entry Positions back into the Matrix 2x1 Fund-TURBO.
  • Receive banner and text advertising credits.

Instant Matrix Commissions Into Your Wallet - In Real Time

After your Upgrade into FundYourSuccess is completed with the activation of your Membership, all future referral fees received in the 4x2 Fund-BOOSTER Matrix are posted in real time into your FYSbuilder Wallet and are available for withdrawal. See the Withdrawal section in your Back Office for instructions.

For example: If, 2 Product purchases are made by Paul and and Peter happen to fall on your 2nd Level, the $15 commission on each purchase will show up in your Wallet immediately. If your FundYourSuccess membership has been upgraded, all future referral fees will be available for withdrawal.

Instant Matching Bonus Commissions Into Your Wallet

The same goes with the Matching Bonus Commissions. We pay a 10% Matching Bonus on whatever your personal Referrals earn in the Matrix. These are also posted in real time as part of your total earned commissions.

We Have The Perfect Formula For Explosive Growth

As you have seen above, not only will the Matrix be growing as a result of new Members joining us , but mainly from the DOUBLE Re-entries that happen automatically when members achieve a complete Matrix. That is HUGE!

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